New Eternals Movie Is Exciting

Catch It In Theaters Before December 20


Emma Morris, Staff Reporter

If you thought a superhero movie needed Iron Man to make it good, The Eternals might change your mind. With 10 new characters and stories from around the world, this movie is a great start to phase 4 of the Marvel cinema. 

The Marvel cinematic universe is widely known across the world. With over 25 movies released and around five new movies coming soon, this franchise keeps growing. Marvel fans are sure to love this new film that establishes a whole new Marvel world-view. 

The Eternals feature characters named after mythological creatures and gods. Sersi, Ikaris, Sprite, Thena, and the other eternals fight to save planet Earth against the deviants and celestials. Deviants are creatures created to disrupt peace on Earth so the celestials can take over. 

The eternals have been on Earth for thousands of years, flashing back and forth between 2021 and over 7,000 years of history. Defeating the deviants over and over, the eternals thought their mission was complete. When the Deviants mysteriously come back, the Eternals must reunite to find out the truth about their purpose on Earth and about their past.

The casting for this movie was very well done. Each character was different from one another and they had their own special power. 

Sersi (Gemma Chan) was a very interesting character. She had the ability of transmutation, changing one state of matter to another form. Sprite (Lea McHugh) also had a very interesting power. She could create illusions and levitate herself and others. 

Another favorite was the duo of Druig (Barry Keoghan) and Makkari (Lauren Ridloff). Druig is a mind controller and Makkari has superhuman speed. Their relationship escalated from just friends to more infatuated. Makkari is Marvel’s first deaf character who could only speak in sign language. Druig grew a special connection with her throughout the movie, speaking in sign language to each other and becoming inseparable after they reunited. 

The special effects were very realistic, looking as though this could’ve been reality. The lazers, flying, and supernatural creatures all looked very practical and thoughtfully put together.  

Some fans are worried that marvel is dragging out their name, creating movies that might repeat themselves. This film is definitely a top tier movie. The acting, editing, and directing of this movie is phenomenal. The scenes are breathtaking and each character has their own interesting story, no repeats from the previous Marvel movies. 

This film has a very good and shocking storyline. This is also a stand-alone film, you don’t have to watch every other Marvel movie in order to understand what is going on. I would definitely recommend this movie to anyone who loves a good action movie. The Eternals has plenty of fight scenes, including supernatural creatures and plenty of special effects. 

This film is currently in theaters. It is set to be on Disney Plus by Dec. 20 and on DVD around February, 2022.