AVID teacher, Ms. Roberts, lists some good things to do when studying


Zack Davis, Revolution Correspondent

Good things to do when studying:

  • “Start studying early,” AVID teacher Amber Roberts said. Cramming the night before overloads your brains and makes it hard to process the information and retain it later.
  • Study for short amounts of time to prevent your brain from not becoming fatigued.
  • Prioritize the hardest homework and projects first, don’t save the toughest stuff for last.
  • “Give yourself a reward,” Roberts said. Watching TV or taking a short nap can recharge your brain for the next round of studying.
  • Flashcards are good to use when memorizing the small things to remember on a test or quiz.
  • Use old tests and quizzes to study for upcoming tests/quizzes.
  • Get a good night’s sleep before a test, so your brain can memorize the information for the next day. Your brain is able to process the information while you sleep and rest.
  • “Plan your schedule ahead of time,” Roberts said.
  • Listen to music while studying, while this applies to some people, it can also distract others. Try it out and see if it works for you.
  • Otherwise, go to a silent place where you can think and not be distracted.
  • “Study with other people,” Roberts said. “This is good for your auditory memory.”
  • Use an online study website, like Quizlet.


Bad things to do when studying:

  • Studying in front of a TV where you can possibly be distracted and procrastinate.
  • Having a sibling000- distract you.
  • Giving up or not trying.
  • Studying from just a study guide, it’s better to look back on notes and quizzes.
  • Staying up late to finish homework and projects.
  • Not starting homework soon enough to finish.
  • “Don’t watch TV,” 10th grader, Talik Knight said.
  • “Calling people, texting people,” Talik Knight said.