Addressing the dress code

A drawing to illustrate how the administration may discipline students for violating the dress code.

Emily Edwards

A drawing to illustrate how the administration may discipline students for violating the dress code.

Bailey Bush, Staff Reporter

As visible by all the bare legs in school, the weather is warming up. So now seems like an appropriate time to address the school’s dress code, or lack thereof.

First, let us start by reviewing the dress code that was so kindly printed out for our convenience in the front of our agendas. Now I’ll review some of the more important and often broken rules:

*clears throat* “Students are expected to wear clothing appropriate for school.

Examples of prohibited clothing include: strap tops less than one inch, off-the shoulder blouses or tops, muscle shirts, tank tops, tube tops, pajamas and slippers; clothing that reveals the midriff, is excessively ripped or torn. Shorts and skirts should be worn no shorter than four (4) inches above the knee. Pants, shorts, skirts and dresses must be worn in such a manner that undergarments or shorts are not displayed.”

I’ll translate the dress code and give you some life changing advice next.

Boys, this is not something to just skip over. I understand how you may want to, seeing as you don’t wear buttcheek-revealing short-shorts. I know that you want to make your shorts as long as possible without wearing pants, but I just don’t understand how it is physically possible to have your pants still on when they sag past your butt. Not to mention that when your underwear is showing, you’re violating the dress code.

Just because you don’t have boobs doesn’t mean that you are allowed to wear tank tops and muscle shirts. “Sun’s out, guns out,” is not an excuse to shove your armpit hair into other students faces.

Swag is a hard thing to find and so maybe you want to express yours by hanging your pants past your butt and showing off your boxers. I saw a sign on one teacher’s door that said, “swag is for boys, class is for men,” and I think this is a very valuable saying. If that doesn’t convince you, think about what girls want. I enjoy seeing a man dressed sharply with a nice belt slapped around those hips to keep their pants up.

Girls, you too are not better than the dress code. Sure clothes are a way to express yourself, but you do not need to express yourself by see-through shirts or leggings. If I can see your butt cheeks by shorts, skirts or see through leggings, then there is a problem. Yes it is hot, but that is not an excuse to be basically naked at school.

You are wearing shorts with half your butt cheeks out and sitting in a chair in class. The person before you was wearing short-shorts as well. It is a very hot day out and it’s getting a little sweaty… You have just exchanged butt sweat, probably not harmful, but very, very gross.

I am all for a strappy shirt or dress in the summertime, when school is not in session, but for now keep those shoulders covered and those bra straps in. Don’t get me wrong, the bra was an excellent invention, but you don’t need to advertise them for the school.

Finally teachers, I know this is a sensitive subject because reporting someone for a dress code violation may seem like a waste of time and kind of awkward to do, but isn’t it more awkward to see someone wearing inappropriate clothing and let them get away with it?

I’m definitely not saying walk around the hallways with a ruler measuring to see if girls’ shorts are too short and a notepad to write them up. And I am not saying that a dress code violation is worthy of detention, suspension or expulsion. But it is worth being called out in front of classmates: embarrassment is a great form of discipline and they will most likely never wear that outfit to school again.

All I’m saying is to be aware of frequent offenders and, if it still is too awkward for you to say something to the offender, then send them to the administration. They will gladly give the violator some advice on what is appropriate to wear to school or make a call to a parent who can bring a change of clothes.

Lastly, just take into consideration that school is the workplace. What would you wear to work? Probably not short-shorts or sagging pants or armpit hair showing tank tops or see-through garments.

Hopefully dress code violations are mistakes, take that mistake and turn it into a positive: slap some sleeves on those shoulders, bop a belt around those buns and learn what is appropriate for school and work.