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The Revolution

Football rises to the top

Football rises to the top

Olivia Hall, Staff Reporter

February 17, 2017

The Football Team pushed boundaries in the 2016 season that no one saw coming. Led by third year coach, Brandon Isaiah the team finished 8-2 and made it into the second round of playoffs. The team made it farther in the playoffs than they did last year which was one of their goals. “Making it tha...

Albemarle Avoids Virus

Marc Rabourdin, Staff Reporter

March 15, 2016

Despite concern, early Tuesday morning, a virus did not strike AHS. Principal Jay Thomas stated that the computers here at Albemarle were safe from the virus, and the actions took this morning were purely preventative measures. Another undisclosed school in the ACPS system was infected with the virus, an...

Albemarle vs Potomac Photo Gallery

Albemarle vs Potomac Photo Gallery

Marc Rabourdin, Staff Writer

March 11, 2016

All photos are by Marc Rabourdin. Copyright The Revolution 2016 ...

Fashion and Filosophy with Ben and Marc Preview

Marc Rabourdin, Staff Reporter

February 17, 2016

Preview for the new Lifestyle Web Series with Ben Yung and Marc Rabourdin

Albemarle Volleyball Beats Hornets 3-0

Marc Rabourdin, Revolution Correspondent

October 16, 2015

Albemarle secured a win against Orange Tuesday night leveling the Hornets in just three games. In the first game, Albemarle dominated the Hornets, winning 25-7. Seniors Alexis Duday and Ellie Benning had a total of five kills each for the night.  Sophomore Katie Schnell also finished with 4 kills....

Patriots Dominate Powhatan

The boys' soccer team defeated the Powhatan Indians 7-0 under the lights on May 14.

Alex Leslie, Online Editor

May 17, 2015

Under the Thursday night lights of May 14, the Patriots defeated a returning opponent, the Powhatan Indians, 7-0. Recent William & Mary commit Marcel Berry started as Albemarle’s sole striker for the night. After just 10 minutes of dominant possession Berry slotted in the first goal. Powhatan’s...

The Morning (And The Rest of Your Life) After

Maggie Rombach, Staff Correspondent

April 3, 2015

“The first time I had done what some people call third base, I was guilted into it; I didn't really understand what I was doing, and he was kind of an emotionally abusive boyfriend,” senior Jane* said. “I was in this state of mind where I felt like I had to do it because, why else would he be with...

Teen Anxiety

Sophomore Taylor Holt took a picture of herself while having a panic attack.

Kali Vosper, Staff Correspondent

April 3, 2015

Everyone has had butterflies in their stomachs before a major test, but nausea, shortness of breath, and a rapid heartbeat? These are all symptoms of anxiety disorder, a problem that many teenagers are facing. In the United States, about 25 percent of kids 13-18 will experience an anxiety disorder...

Recruiting Process

Recruiting Process

Santana Sydney, Staff Correspondent

April 3, 2015

You are the starter on your varsity sports team; a big shot. It is a cakewalk, but now the real process begins. You got recruited by some colleges, and now, you have to compete with people just as hungry, if not hungrier, than you are. The first step is, “Keeping good grades is one of the main ways...

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