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The Revolution

Addressing the dress code

A drawing to illustrate how the administration may discipline students for violating the dress code.

Bailey Bush, Staff Reporter

April 25, 2013

As visible by all the bare legs in school, the weather is warming up. So now seems like an appropriate time to address the school’s dress code, or lack thereof. First, let us start by reviewing the dress code that was so kindly printed out for our convenience in the front of our agendas. Now I’ll revi...

Desk experiment doesn’t sit well with students

Jessica Vickerman and Austen Weathersby

April 25, 2013

Early in the second semester, the World Languages department and the school administration removed the desks from foreign language classes, excluding the Latin classes, who have kept their desks, and the German and Japanese classes, who have never had desks in their rooms. This action is part of an ongoing...

Julia Hates Something: Pick-up Lines

The picture above depicts an example of what a boy trying to use a pick-up line on you would probably look like. Keep a 10-foot radius or use some of the boy-repellant comments suggested in this article.

Julia Harrison, Staff Reporter

April 25, 2013

              The beach boy wearing an Angry Birds tanktop and a snapback swaggers up to you as you comfortably lie on the beach trying to get a tan, or realistically, more freckles. He begins to say “Are you from Tennessee? Because…” you quickly cut him off with “The Bronx, actually. Th...

Julia Hates Something: The Struggles of Social Interaction

The image above depicts a simplified example of uncomfortable social interaction between opposite sexes.

Julia Harrison, Staff Reporter

March 22, 2013

You walk away from the cute, senior boy shaking your head because you have just brutally embarrassed yourself in front of him by making a joke about ovulation or by telling him your favorite subject is Lunch. Wipe away your tears, sweet, socially awkward misfit, you are not alone. Between adjusting...

Do rights trump potential risk? Yes.

Reilly McCann, Staff Reporter

February 19, 2013

A well regulated militia, being necessary to the security of a free state, the right of the people to keep and bear arms, shall not be infringed. To about 35% of Americans these words are sacred and comforting, but some people want to take away that comfort by deciding what guns we can own. The presid...

Julia Loves Something: the 1990’s (but mostly Heath Ledger)

Julia Harrison, Staff Reporter

February 19, 2013

“Oh, wow. Original, Julia. Are you a 90’s kid? Do you just love the 90’s?” you say to yourself in a mocking tone because who actually likes the 90’s? Who actually appreciates that culture? My sweet reader, I appreciate that culture, and I love the 1990’s but only because they are hilarious...

Julia Hates Something: Do you hear what I hear? (It’s awful).

An example of what should be echoing through your toasty home during the holidays.

Julia Harrison, Staff Reporter

December 18, 2012

“What is wrong with Christmas? What could someone possibly hate about Christmas?” I asked myself. Between the cheer and the affection exuded by all, the gift-giving, the hot chocolate, the excessive amount of cookies and the Christmas ham—which no one really eats but everyone still buys in order...

The world isn’t ending….

The world isn't ending....

December 17, 2012

The proof is out. The Mayan calendar famous solely for its apocalyptic-ness is wrong. The Mayans incorrectly predicted the end of the world several times, and the truth actually lies in another of their calendars that gives us a few thousand more years before a meteor destroys human life and the dinosaurs...

New Years Resolutions

December 17, 2012

Since the world isn’t ending, you still need to worry about New Year’s resolutions. These resolutions pose a problem for many people: they promise themselves impossible things and give up before the end of January. The Revolution staff has a better solution to the resolution conundrum. This year,...

Your guide to the breezeway: know your place!

Your guide to the breezeway: know your place!

November 19, 2012

The breezeway is a cherished part of student life at AHS. It’s those seven minutes between classes that we all look forward to for chatting up with friends and catching up on all the latest. Although the breezeway has its fun, it can be a little chaotic with the entire school standing in it. As...

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