What To Do Over Spring Break

Jenn Leider

Since winter break has passed and a few months have gone by, students are eagerly looking forward to spring break. But unless you’re planning a trip of some sort, by day three you’ll probably be bored out of your mind. Here are some ideas on how to battle that boredom with fun things to do.

1. Explore the vast craziness of the internet. Learn the “Cup Song” from Pitch Perfect, post a selfie of you and your cat (to prove that you DO live the party life), or experiment with a Pinterest craft. From perusing gallon-smashing videos to tweeting insignificant details about your life, the internet is sure to kill boredom faster than you can say Harlem Shake.

2. Take a trip to D.C with a few friends. Visit museums, historical places, and markets. Woo learning! (Maybe your history teachers will give you extra credit?)

3. Find a place in Charlottesville to volunteer for the week- either by yourself or with friends: it’s a great way to help out your community! Some places to volunteer are: homes for the elderly, SPCA/other animal shelters, or even babysitting for free (Unless the children are misbehaving- that’s when you should start charging by the hour).

4. Try a different flavor of ice cream every day of the week. Make sure to be adventurous! (Bonus: go to the same place every day, at the same time, in the exact same outfit, saying the exact same comments as the day before. Watch the magic unfold.)

5. Be the lazy teenager you are. Take a whole day and just hibernate in bed or on the couch. If your friends or family attempt to engage you in an activity, tell them, “Sorry, but I’m trying to study the vast and deep culture of the sloth. I am currently trying to replicate their intricate behavior, so if you could not disturb this delicate process, that would be terrific.”

6. Take a drive through the Skyline drive. When you get to the scenic stops on the top of the mountain, get out of the car and imitate the tourists taking cheesy pictures. (If one such creature angrily comes towards you, do not look it in the eye! Run away!) Blast the radio as loudly and obnoxiously as possible, singing along. The mentioned tourists/other forms of wildlife will be sure to enjoy sounds of “Gangnam Style” wafting over the beautiful view of the mountains.

7. Pack a picnic lunch, and take it to a nearby park with your family. Spread out an old-fashioned checkered blanket and proceed to nomnom. (Bonus: pack old-fashioned picnic food like hard-boiled eggs, and talk fancily like people from the olden days. Ex: “Mother dearest, would it be a bother for you to pass yon sandwich? Much obliged, Madame.”)

8. Have a Harry Potter marathon with your friends. Eat Bertie Bott’s Every Flavor Beans, chocolate frogs, and stare happily at Daniel Radcliffe’s face. Afterwards, take some brooms and run around your neighborhood yelling, “Catch that snitch!” and “Gryffindor gets two points!” That will show all of your neighbors how cool you are.

9. Have a super fun outlining party. (I know, this doesn’t sound remotely possible) Complete all of your outlines for the rest of the year, and picture all of the fantastic free time you’ll have!

10. Learn how to cook something- from Crème Brule to Oreo/Reece’s peanut butter cup/cookie dough brownies, (Yes! This brilliant creation does exist!) Baking is a great way to keep from being bored and/or hungry, and is a win-win: if it turns out that you can’t cook, your parents will never ask you to make dinner again!

Your spring break has the potential to be glorious- it’s what you do with your time that gives the week the pizazz needed to make awesome memories. Good luck!