Pictures From Feb. 14 “V-Day Thang”

Action shots are in the gallery with group photos below.

Groups in Action

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  • Senior Brisa Caballero-Chigo smiles with glee as Ur Dream Gurlz members surround her while chanting “It’s Mr. Steal your girl” from the song “Bottoms Up” by Trey Songz and Nicki Minaj.

  • Senior Vivian Hui leads a line of Heartstoppers into the performing area to kick off their lunchtime routine with “Yeah” by Usher.

  • Surrounded by No Fella A Cappella members, English teacher Joseph Frankfurth grins while donning a cowboy hat and feather boa.

  • Hoping to wow the crowd, Cupid’s Cuties form a kickline in front of the judges. They went on to win the lunch competition alongside the Magnificent 3 and Boys Who Cry.

  • Minutemen serenade Engineering teacher Adrian Lorenzoni.

  • Boys Who Cry enter the stage during their lunch time performance with dance moves to accompany their Valentine’s mash-up.

  • Junior Marleny Salcedo Lara delivers a pink carnation to Ms. Johnson’s classroom.

  • 9th grader Maxwell Keys is all smiles while receiving a dance from Cupid’s Cuties.

  • Juniors Helen Hou and Olivia Kim, donning purposely tacky bathrobes, revolve around each other to recreate a scene from Titanic as Jack and Rose.

  • Sophomore Laveen Hiranandani of Sax Choir serenades Tyler Heron with a solo.

  • Lunch competition judges Mylz Speed, Chef Poindexter and Brooke Hartsell laugh as they observe the group performances.

  • No Fella A Cappella group members surround a song recipient while serenading them with an all-vocal rendition of “Call Me Maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

  • The Magnificent 3 cheer from a tabletop, having won the lunchtime V-Day Thang competition.

  • The musical members of Front Street Boyz perform “My Heart Will Go On” by Celine Dion by singing and playing recorders.

  • Sophomore Finnegan Driscoll sings “Can’t take my eyes off of you” by Frankie Valli into a toy microphone for two students. Driscoll was supported by backing vocals from other Minutemen.

  • Wearing hot-pink tie-dye shirts, Cupid’s Cuties spin around junior Cameron Smith.

  • Dressed in a variety of costumes, Sax Choir members surround senior Tyler Heron during the lunchtime competition.

  • Sophomore Ahniyah Snead holds up red heart balloons, gift bags and carnations to deliver for V-Day celebrations. The proceeds from V-Day Thang sales went to support the Giordano family.

  • Seniors Owen Tighe, Bennett Schantz, Bailey Friedman and Sutton Veliky celebrate Boys Who Cry’s triumph at the lunch competition.

  • Senior Emma Niehaus of Ur Dream Gurlz gets down on one knee to sing to senior Brisa Caballero-Chigo during the lunchtime competition.

  • Sutton Veliky wheelbarrows Sam Freire as the finishing move to their routine during the lunchtime competition. Boys Who Cry went on to become one of three winning groups.

  • Snapping between steps, Minutemen performs for junior Maddie Gypson during the lunch competition.

  • Skipping around three SCA members, the Magnificent 3 grin as they perform their winning routine for the crowd.

  • 9th grader Maggie Graham grasps pink balloons ready for delivery.

  • Senior Heartstoppers hold up hand hearts for SCA members juniors Shea Hale and Maddie Gypson while singing “Baby” by Justin Bieber. Gypson was given a bridal veil to wear for the lunch competition proposal.

  • Brass Choir performs for Principal Bonham in the lobby.

  • Circling a smiling Joe Turner, each member of Boys Who Cry hands him a slip of paper with their phone numbers on it.

  • Ur Dream Gurlz duos swing around each other during a classroom performance.

  • Front Street Boyz members jazz it up with spirit fingers for the group’s “proposal” to their song recipient.

  • Sophia Levine of No Fella A Capella pops her head out of the circle while performing “Call me maybe” by Carly Rae Jepsen.

  • Junior SCA members Maddie Gypson and Shea Hale beam as Cupid’s Cuties exit the stage and leave Gypson a bouquet of red carnations.

  • Senior Heartstoppers Eavan Driscoll and Laura Buddington pump their arms and sing along to a Valentine’s mashup for senior Brenna Shifflett.

  • Trombone, french horn, drum and tuba players from Brass Choir perform for a student in Mr. Lyons’ room.

  • A peek through the door: Dance Team performs for a student in French class.

  • Members of the Magnificent 3 passionately dance and lip sync to their gift recipient Annalyn Burtram.

  • Senior Sam Freire of Boys Who Cry launches his feet up, preparing for a wheelbarrow to close out a performance for Ms. Hagan’s chemistry class.

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Group Photos

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  • Cupid’s Cuties group photo. (Back:) Zada Hall, Cami Webber, Olivia St Amand, Dylan Stasko. (Front:) Grace Pitts, Lily Williams, Tori Atkinson.

  • Minutemen group photo. (Alphabetically:) David Barredo, Zachary Bayers, Dunham Cacon-Veana, Finnegan Driscoll, Jacob Frysinger, Ilyas Kahn, Luke Leroux, Justin Magsipoc, Henry Papin, Brian Ryu, Bryant Ton, Garrett Uthlaut, Sid Wiseman.

  • Heartstoppers group photo. (Back:) Laura Buddington, Eavan Driscoll, Amy Wang, Elizabeth Jackson. (Front:) Sadie Hathaway, Maggie Tewlese, Vivian Hui, Bea Wingenbach, Hannah Gyton.

  • Front Street Boyz group photo. (Back:) Helen Hou, Olivia Kim, Daniel Cao, Phil Koedam. (Middle:) Emily Zhu, Autumn Murphy, Anna Zheng, Emmett Lach. (Front:) Karla Palma.

  • Boys Who Cry group photo. (Back:) Sutton Veliky, Bennett Schantz, Bailey Friedman, Kevin Myers. (Middle:) Owen Tighe, Max Hathaway, Brody Grierson. (Front:) Sam Freire.

  • No Fella A Cappella group photo. (Alphabetically:) Brier Korinne, Vee Brown, Ella Burtram, Sophie Elvgren, Isa Gonzalez, Brylee Hall, Lea Johns, Sally Kasatus, Sophia Levine, Savannah Meriweather, Summer Murray, Florence Myers, Aashni Shetty, Liz Stone, Chloe Swenson, Laila Walker.

  • Ur Dream Gurlz group photo. (Back:) Maggie Lynn, Marquesa Peloquin, Lauren Grady, Kalli Davis. (Front:) Kiley Tipton, Emma Niehaus, Kaley Maynard, Sonia Hertel.

  • Magnificent 3 group photo. (Left to right) A’Lycia Anderson, Mahkia Douglas, Sha’Deja Williams.

  • Dance Team Group photo. (Alphabetically:) Gracie Bitrick, Hannah Carpenter, Emmy Forliones, Vivian Gibel, Lea Johns, Sally, Kashatus, Anya Rothman.

  • Brass Choir group photo. (Alphabetically:) Chris Atkinson, Anna Dowling, Ila Goodrich, Landon Grady, Jenna Herald, Brad James, Beth Kester, Adam Kester, Keaton Orejudos, Jack Post, Steven Siadaty.

  • Sax Choir group photo. (Alphabetically:) Lucas Brantner, Eric Chen, Jack Dennis, Carter Earles, Claire Engler, Laveen Hiranandani, Nate Paul, Emma Shirilla, Bert Spitzner, Bryce Taylor.

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