Western Wins Against Girls Soccer Monday Night

AHS lost the game 2-0, holding the Warriors off for the entire second half

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  • Senior Sophie Hoke runs down the line of teammates as she is introduced at the beginning of the game.

  • Sophomore Samantha Fischer drags her foot behind her while preparing to kick the ball up the field.

  • Sophomore Lana Ortiz comes up behind WHAS player to steal the ball away.

  • Mid-kick, senior Lily Williams inserts the ball from the sideline in the first half of the game.

  • Patriots hold up their hands as teammates run down the line, high-fiving each player before the start of the Monday night game.

  • Senior defender Olivia St. Amand recovers the ball by the AHS goal and passes up to midfielders.

  • Western goalie kicks the ball to teammates by the 50-yard line after saving a Patriot attempt on goal.

  • Lunging to her right, senior Courtney Hughlette intercepts WAHS player.

  • Laughing, senior Lily Williams walks out of the team huddle onto the field for the start of the game against Western.

  • Sprinting ahead of WAHS player, sophomore Lana Ortiz chases the ball in the midfield.

  • Senior Western player follows the ball after knocking it out of the air with a header. AHS player junior Devon Higginbottom is close behind.

  • Beating out Western player, sophomore Samantha Fischer steals possession of the ball and takes it up the right sideline.

  • With her team huddled around her, Coach S. delivers a pre-game hype-up speech. The Pats later lost the emotional game 2-0.

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