Spreading the love through cupcakes

2nd Period J1/Y1 Class, Revolution Correspondent

In an effort to ease tension in the school, two teachers are asking AHS students and faculty to bring in cupcakes on Friday for “Cupcake Love Day.”

Rumors abounded this week about a possible disruptive event occurring at school on Friday, leaving many students nervous. In response to the anxiety that their students had expressed, fine arts teacher Charlotte Wood and ESOL teacher Leilani Keys decided that something positive needed to be done.

“We just wanted to have a day where we had some love,” Keys said.

In their discussion, Wood declared that,  “There’s no better love than cupcake love.”

“Cupcakes tend to make people happier,” Wood said.

Thus “Cupcake Love Day” was born.

Keys and Wood are asking faculty and students to bring in cupcakes and share them with people throughout the school.

Wood is baking over 200 mini red velvet cupcakes  to pass around the school.

Keys is calling different bakeries to see if they are willing to donate cupcakes or treats. Paradox Pastries has agreed to donate some sweet treats, according to Keys.

Wood asked her literary magazine and film making students to help get the word out by creating posters and working through social media.

“I want there to be so many cupcakes that people at the end of the day go ‘Oh my gosh, if I see another cupcake I’m going to hurl,'”Woods said. “That is love to me.”