Students Paint in Celebration of Latino Heritage

Artist Chicho Lorenzo paints on a canvas surrounded by students' artwork in the Breezeway.

Emma Cloutier

Journalism 1 Class

Students had the opportunity to paint a mural with artist Chicho Lorenzo in the breezeway during CHAT on Oct. 3.

In the first of several events sponsored by the Equity and Diversity Committee celebrating October as Latino Heritage Month, Lorenzo created a mural and invited students to join in the artistic endeavor.

With upbeat Latino music playing, students gathered and danced around large sheets of paper surrounding the canvas that Lorenzo was painting.

Over a hundred students left colorful handprints, flowers, signatures, and other designs.

Lorenzo’s goal was to have, “many people expressing [themselves] freely” during the mural painting.

“We could use whatever we wanted and draw whatever we wanted,” freshman Marlena Becker said.

Lorenzo, who grew up in Madrid, Spain believes that Latino Heritage month is, “what I have in my blood, my education and my culture that you can add to local culture.”

Lorenzo’s art allowed students the chance to participate in creating a physical celebration of Latino Heritage.