Principal addresses rumors of disruptive event


7th Period J1/Y1 Class, Revolution Correspondent

Principal Jay Thomas addressed the school this afternoon about rumors of a “disruptive event” taking place on Friday and after working with the police believes that there is no basis that the threats are real.

Rumors had circulated via Facebook, Twitter, and word of mouth that an armed student or students would come to school on Friday as part of the supposed end of the world.

“We take all such reports very seriously,” Thomas said.

Police have investigated these rumors and have found there is no evidence that the information provided is the truth.

Thomas asked students to stay calm and be leaders to reassure others that, “the school has investigated these rumors and have found no basis to believe that they have any validity at all.”

“Safety is the most important every day responsibility that we have for our students and for our staff,” Thomas said.

If anyone knows of any specific threat or details, please report it to the administration.


Edit: Thomas announced at a faculty meeting after school that absences on Friday would not be excused, unless a prior arrangement had been made.